• MPC Preparation (Info)

  • MPCAT-OBS: Observation Archive

    The links below provide access to complete observational sets for numbered and unnumbered minor planets and comets. Due to the size of the files, they are available only in gzip-compressed form.

    You are reminded that any use of these data, or of data derived from these data, requires you to maintain the reference information on any redistribution.

    The file are complete through the 2023 SEP. 12 batch of Minor Planet Circulars. The gzip-compressed versions of the data files are roughly 20% of the size of the uncompressed data files.

    • Numbered minor planets
    • Unnumbered minor planets
    • Comets
    • Natural outer irregular satellites of the giant planets
    • Minor-planet observation files updated through the most recent mid-month MPS batch (dated 20231115) are now available. The sizes of the files will be comparable to the sizes listed above but somewhat bigger.
    • MD5 checksums
      • Monthly numbered minor planets : fe3063ea6f035354c7c92f789bf7099f
      • Monthly unnumbered minor planets : cbca344e303faabb77e41d0be880e175
      • Monthly comets : 8dcb1475c50027fee6411ea7090888b0
      • Monthly natural satellites : d38690466d90eb2cd31af639f11e48ad
      • Mid-monthly numbered minor planets : 7de29683ef7982921da6cf31750cde9a
      • Mid-monthly umnumbered minor planets : b39e3256f85d4f5f8acdeaf9dd5dce83
    Note that you should ensure that you have set your browser to download to your local disk before trying to access these files. If you fail to do this, your browser will attempt to display the downloaded file. Or more likely, your browser will crash...

    The Isolated Tracklet File

    The Isolated Tracklet File containing Isolated Tracklets can be downloaded from here. Please ensure you have read this document.