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  • Bright Recovery Opportunities for NEOs

    This list contains a listing of past one-opposition NEOs that may now be recoverable. Objects are listed here if they satisfy the following criteria:
    • not seen in more than 180 days,
    • solar elongation greater than 60°,
    • visual magnitude, V brighter than 21.0,
    at one of the following times:
    • now (the time this page was prepared),
    • now + 7 days,
    • now + 30 days.
    There are no other selection criteria. Objects will be listed no matter what the uncertainty, as long as they meet the specified criteria above.

    A list of faint recovery opportunities is also available.

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    The lists below allow easy access to MPES ephemerides of objects listed herein. Use the checkboxes on the left-hand side to select the objects that you want to observe. Select your observing options from the bottom of the page and then select `Get ephemerides'. In the lists, the data given under `Currently' is as follows: current R.A. in decimal hours; current Decl. in decimal degrees; current V magnitude (followed by `^' if the object is brightening, `_' if fading or ` ' if not changing); current elongation; and current motion in deg/day. `Current' refers to the time this page was last updated. Also available are the same data for the Current + 7, 30 and 60 days.

    When uncertainty information is provided, it can be displayed in either graphical or textual form. When the textual form is used, the basic variant positions (as determined from individual orbit computations and displayed in the graphical form) are given without comment. Interpolated positions, given only when it is necessary to ensure that there is no more than 12' between successive values in the listing, are marked with an asterisk.

    Recovery of any of these objects requires observations on two nights.

    If this list has not been updated in more two hours, please report this fact (after ensuring that you are not looking at a cached copy of this page!).

    This document was last updated on 2023-11-29.14 UT

        Designation                          Currently              Last obs.  Code   Mag.   U  Arc      Currently + 7d           Currently + 30d          Currently + 60 d
                                        R.A./Dec/  V /El./Motn                                       R.A./Dec/  V /El./Motn   R.A./Dec/  V /El./Motn   R.A./Dec/  V /El./Motn
             2021 YD             Apo   0.6/+58/22.3 /126/00.45  2021 Dec. 20  290  20.0 G  8    4   0.5/+54/21.8/122/00.74   0.3/-34/20.8/075/09.00  13.4/-79/23.8/075/00.33
             2021 WB2            Apo   3.3/+29/20.1 /165/02.06  2021 Dec.  9  H21  22.1 V  8   12   3.7/+22/21.5/164/00.66   4.0/+18/24.4/145/00.20   4.5/+18/26.5/122/00.29
             2021 AH3            Apo   8.5/-10/21.0 /110/00.98  2021 Jan. 16  I52  20.77G  8    9   8.1/-04/20.7/124/01.17   6.5/+12/20.3/169/01.17   5.3/+25/22.2/134/00.34
             2020 XC3            Apo   4.0/-57/19.7 /100/02.52  2020 Dec. 26  I52  21.14G  7   17   4.6/-17/17.0/139/11.33   7.3/+78/20.8/125/00.36   8.1/+75/22.8/124/00.27
             2020 XN2            Apo  11.6/+24/20.8 /082/06.17  2020 Dec. 22  I52  20.36G  5   14   9.1/+26/20.3/121/03.31   6.8/+21/21.3/175/00.54   6.4/+19/24.2/148/00.03

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