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    Please ensure you are familiar with the notes at the bottom of this page.
    Also, additional notes on the NEOCP and information on how we remove objects on the NEOCP are also available here.

    The objects listed on this page may be comets. All reports of new cometary activity should be made using the following web form (Reports of activity for known comets made to the above web form will be ignored.) New reports of cometary activity must be made using this web form in order to be considered for inclusion in any resulting MPEC announcing cometary status.


    We will be operating a "reputation based" system for judging whether claims are valid. If you report cometary activity for an object later shown to be asteroidal, you may find that future reports of cometary activity by your observing station will be ignored by the MPC.

    Page last updated on Nov. 29.781 UTC.
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    Select object(s) from the current list of possible comets needing confirmation (NEO desirability score, discovery date, rough current position and magnitude given, as well as number of observations, arc, nominal H and number of days since it was observed):

    All objects with V = to , with Decl. between ° and °, with an NEO desirability score of % to %
    or just the objects selected below:
      Temp Desig      Score      Discovery   R.A.     Decl.     V   Updated  Note     NObs     Arc    H    Not Seen/dys  
    The information in the table is available in a text file. The layout of this file matches the table layout exactly, except that the R.A. is converted to decimal hours and the Decl. to decimal degrees. If you need to delete one of your discoveries as "does not exist" or "artificial", or flag it as "cometary", etc., please submit the corresponding "action code" through our Submit Action Code Form

    Select your viewing point: Geocentric Observatory code
    Longitude ° E, latitude °, altitude m.
    Longitudes and latitudes should be entered in decimal degrees.
    Ephemeris interval: 1 hour 30 mins 10 mins 1 min
    Start ephemerides at now + hours
    Display positions in: truncated sexagesimal or full sexagesimal or decimal units
    Display motions as: "/sec, "/min, "/hr or °/day.
    Total motion and direction Separate R.A. and Decl. coordinate motions Separate R.A. and Decl. sky motions
    Full output Brief output
    Suppress output at or when object's altitude is below °.

    The following objects either display comet-like orbits but have not had their cometary nature confirmed, or are suspected of displaying cometary activity. To get ephemerides of these objects, refer to the MPC ephemeris service. Please submit reports of cometary activity here.
      Desig.       R.A.       Decl.       Magn.       Elong.    
    A/2018 V311 15.7+13 2427.382
    A/2018 W316 19.6+16 5020.538
    A/2019 G223 55.2-12 3027.7107
    A/2019 G307 36.6-00 4128.2127
    A/2019 N208 53.0+83 1624.0114
    A/2019 O215 57.9+16 5819.939
    A/2019 O411 42.9+03 2226.271
    A/2019 Q214 34.6-27 3029.624
    A/2019 T112 30.4-07 3222.956
    A/2020 A101 06.9+43 1028.9135
    A/2020 B115 52.8-36 2332.216
    A/2020 H911 15.1+51 0629.198
    A/2020 M411 39.8+02 1524.872
    A/2021 E205 48.3+36 4525.0155
    A/2021 E422 38.4+64 5822.0112
    A/2021 X220 43.8-58 2124.260
    A/2022 B304 30.9-22 1125.0136
    A/2023 H419 25.4+50 1423.083
    A/2023 R301 13.0+44 1120.5136
    2005 XR13220 08.6-10 2124.456
    2006 AH208 16.7+13 4022.6123
    2007 SA2403 42.5+17 0320.6171
    2008 BJ2209 38.1+07 2320.7102
    2009 KF3709 44.5+17 4324.0104
    2010 LH1518 26.3-29 4921.930
    2010 KG4321 37.3-10 0620.377
    2010 LN13511 00.5-19 4428.973
    2011 UG10417 26.0-08 2024.321
    2012 KA5111 02.7-36 6026.168
    2014 VF4013 10.5+09 1421.555
    2014 XK605 42.5+55 5120.4142
    2018 BJ1120 57.8-18 5521.865
    2019 AV400 28.7+67 0518.0122
    2021 TR8117 04.3-02 0224.722
    2022 AB818 18.2-07 4625.232
    2022 DQ1700 19.2-33 4424.4101
    2022 OF6010 11.4-16 1626.985
    2023 BN1313 32.1-17 0624.639
    2023 JN1616 58.8-25 1520.810
    2023 RS6101 00.2+21 3421.8134
    2023 RN323 51.3+02 5818.6113
    (523676)13 27.6-19 0323.940

    Notes on how to begin your own astrometric program are available. Please ensure that you have read the additional notes on the NEOCP (which are relevant to the PCCP). Please do not report observations of non-NEOCP objects in the same message as observations of objects on this page! Please report unsuccessful attempts to detect objects listed here that are NOT listed as `updated' or that have not been updated in the past 24 hours using the NEOCP Blog. Please note that observations and orbits of objects accessible via this service are made available only for your personal use. They are not to be promulgated via any medium. The data are preliminary until they appear on an MPEC or MPS.

    You can now access ephemerides for the variant orbits used in the uncertainty plots from the pages listing the offsets from the nominal solutions. Please read (or here) about the coloration used in the uncertainty plots.

    You are reminded that a cross-reference of designations that have appeared here previously is available elsewhere.